Tiny Watches; Football

Tiny, a black and white cat is a very important part of the team, and his footprints can be found all over my work.  One of his vices is watching videos on YouTube, mainly nature and wildlife documentaries, and sometimes, if he's good I let him watch cartoons like Tom and Jerry, which is his favourite. He also watches football. Sadly, Newcastle United performances have been very dull, even cats gets bored with long ball football, and what with VAR, he has lost interest in this season.  I can't imagine how I going explain the concept of  relegation to him, so let's hope I don't have to.  Tiny Watches; Football  features Tiny and was edited & produced by Geoff Carter 03/04/2021 from the original Sept 2020 recording; one of many featuring Tiny watching video and other live media. 

Kevin MacLeod's Celtic Impulse with my Wind Blowing The Barley

Todays offering is 2.38 minutes of calm with Kevin MacLeod's Celtic Impulse and my wind blowing through a field of barley in Northumberland video, well, mostly barley.   Apologies for the resolution, I was testing out some rather poor kit bought on Ali Bongo as a web cam; so you will have to use your imagination.  So I present a rather blurry memory of summer 2020, a field in which I have an embarrassment of riches.   Celtic Impulse by Kevin MacLeod   Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0 Free Download / Stream :  Music promoted by Audio Library  

Digital Vegetable Baiting ~ A North East Arts Festival ~

Digital Vegetable Baiting  ~ A North East Arts Festival ~ The Ancient North East Sport of Vegetable Baiting is part of a wider cultural tradition of sporting based satire, noted for its annual black & white comedy pantomime.        . . . including The 2021 Gurner Prize Nominees **Nominated for Tony Gormless Prize for Primitive Art [Princess Rio, a well known Cheshire landowner and member of the Man United Gold Bog Aristocracy, has offered to reseed his lawn with cabbages to help the foodbank following a recent embarrassment.]